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Social Theory
This is an interdisciplinary collection for research in the field of politics, economics, history, philosophy, psychology, anthropology, religion and literature.


Access to scientific information in databases


St. St. Cyril and Methodius National Library provides access to:

East View
A full-text online database in Russian, entitledLibrary and information services,which includes 28 magazines.The Universal Database in Library Studies covers the most important professional periodicals in Russian, offering up-to-date information on library theory and practice, bibliography, scientific information, book studies, archival studies.The access to the database is available from January 2017.

The host provides access to five multidisciplinary specialised databases of bibliographic and full-text information.

EmeraldFulltext is part of the databases offered by the renowned English publisher Emerald in the following subject areas: business, management, marketing, library and information science. The collections provide access to full-text articles fromrefereed journals with high scientific impact (the so-called peer reviewed publications).

Gale Virtual Reference Library
The National Library provides quick online access to the content of several reputable online reference books included in the Gale Virtual Reference Library. The reference books are in the following subject areas:

HISTORY  – Encyclopedia of Modern Asia , 6v, 2003 ; Fashion, Costume, and Culture: Clothing, Headwear, Body Decorations, and Footwear through the Ages , 5v, 2004
SCIENCE – The Gale Encyclopedia of Science , 3rd ed., 6v, 2004
ART – International Dictionary of Films and Filmmakers , 4th ed., 4v, 2001
LITERATURE – Reference Guide to World Literature , 3rd ed., 2v, 2003
BIOGRAPHY – UXL Encyclopedia of World Biography , 10v, 2003
EDUCATION – World Education Encyclopedia , 2nd ed., 3v, 2002
SOCIAL SCIENCES – Encyclopedia of Sociology , 2nd ed., 5v, 2001 ; International Dictionary of Psychoanalysis , 3v, 2005
Gale Virtual Reference Library provides a unique combination of content and information capabilities.The electronic format of these books makes it possible to search across the whole collection through different access points or just in a specific reference book. The articles can be saved, printed or sent by e-mail.Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary is incorporated.



National licenses for access to scientific information provided by the Ministry of Education and Science:

A fulltext database of scientific publications of more than 2,000 journals in the field of natural, medical and biological sciences, social sciences and humanities.

A bibliographic database of publications from over 16,000 journals, 23 million patents and over 430 million quality web resourcesin the field of biological, medical, social and other sciences. The database also offers possibilities for bibliometric analyses and tracking citations.

ISI Web of Knowledge
Information platform providing access to various databases in the field of natural and social sciences, art and humanities. The platform also provides patent information as well as data for informetric and scientometric analysis.

NEW!Since the beginning of 2013, as part of  Web of Science platform, the library has access to book citations – Book Citation Index- Science (2005-present); Book Citation Index- Social Sciences & Humanities (2005-present).

Access to databases is available to registered readers only and takes place within the library premises.

For further information please contact: Bibliographic and Information Service, Room No 64
Tel. 843 24 21; 91 83 115